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Greg Papandrew has extensive experience in domestic and offshore manufacturing, supply chain management and building creative marketing plans for businesses, enabling your company to lower production costs while raising sales numbers. Whether your company is trying to establish a direct, quality relationship with an actual manufacturer to lower your annual PCB spend or giving your sales force the necessary selling and training tools to boost your annual revenues, Greg will help strengthen your company.

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Millennium Circuits Limited


Where Have All the Young Bloods Gone?

It is good to be back in the PCB world. My return has been a positive experience, as I’ve been [...]

TIGHTENING THE CHAIN – Why The Supply Chain Begins with the Manufacturer Circuits Assembly, November 2016

Whether a PCB order comes from a domestic or international source, the supply chain begins with the manufacturer. For cost-conscious [...]

CENTURY PCB Taiwan Announces ISO 13485 Medical Certification

NOVEMBER 28, 2016 – CENTURY PC Board Ltd. Taiwan has added to its other prestigious aviation and automotive certifications (AS9100 and [...]

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